General Ministry- B.A.A.S.

      (Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences)



General Education:  11 hours

            COM 1143     Fundamentals of Speech Communication

            ENG 1113       Composition and Rhetoric I

            ENG 1123       Composition and Rhetoric II

            GES 1122        Strategies for Student Success

Social/Behavioral Sciences:  6 hours

            3 hours Government/Political Science

            3 hours lower level Psychology/Sociology

Natural Science/Mathematics:  3 hours

            3 hours from the following:

                        BIO 1113        Biological Science

                        MTH 1113     College Mathematics

                        MTH 1123     College Algebra

General Biblical Studies:  24 hours

            BIB 1223        The Church in Ministry and Mission

            BIB 2213         Bible Study

            REL 1133        Authentic Christianity

            REL 1153        New Testament Literature

            REL 1163        Old Testament Literature

            REL 3153        Christian Ethics

            THE 2113        Introduction to Theology and Apologetics

            THE 2333       Pentecostal Doctrine and History



         18 hours must be in a vocational area



            BIB 3483        Hermeneutics

            CMN 3183     Church Resource Management

            CMN 3333     Biblical Preaching

            CPR 3123       Church Health and Revitalization

            PMN 4413      Pastoral Leadership

An additional 9 hours from a combination of 3000 and 4000 level courses from the College of Bible & Church Ministries and an additional 6 hours from 3000-4000 level courses from any department.





The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences General Ministry provides prospective students who have earned at least 18 hours in a vocational or technical training program in a specific area of concentration with a route to earn an accredited Bachelor’s degree which will prepare them academically, professionally, and spiritually to serve as leaders in their chosen occupational field.


Upon completion of this program, students will:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to successfully transfer from a vocational or technical training program and fulfill the requirements to earn an accredited Bachelor’s degree.

  2. Develop the leadership and management skills necessary to serve in local churches and various other vocational ministry settings.

  3. Demonstrate an ability to further engage studies in graduate programs in various fields.

  4. Qualify for ministry credentials within the Assemblies of God.


Additional Program Stipulations

  1. Students must have earned at least 18 hours in a vocational or technical training program in a specific area of concentration in order to be eligible to enroll in this degree program.

  2. All students are to include one General Biblical Studies course each semester until degree requirements have been satisfied.

  3. Students are to include GES 1122 in their first semester program.

  4. At least 30 hours must be from 3000 or 4000 level courses.

  5. *Admittance to this program requires an evaluation of vocational or technical credit and formal approval from the Registrar’s Office following this evaluation.

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