Human Services  (B.S. - Criminal Justice)




The Bachelor of Science in Human Services includes studies in general education, general biblical studies, general studies and a specialization in one of the following fields: Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, or Criminal Justice. This degree is designed for those individuals seeking studies in a general broad-based discipline with a major in one of the human services professions. Graduates of the program will be qualified to work in entry level human service career fields related to one of the human service academic specializations. The degree will additionally provide preparation for graduate study in the student’s chosen human services area. An outstanding aspect of the degree is an accommodation for a significant degree of flexibility for transfer students and others who come to SAGU and desire to continue their professional development in a human service profession without losing a significant amount of transfer credit.


This degree prepares graduates for marketplace vocational positions in various private and public human service agencies. This may include mental health facilities, social service organizations, nonprofit faith-based facilities, government agencies and private companies. The primary mission of the Human Services degree is to expand the professional development of students in their chosen specialization area with knowledge and skills from the areas of general studies, Bible and theology, church ministry, human services Criminal Justice. This degree provides most of the prerequisites for graduate work in the selected Human Service profession.


Human Services



General Education:  14 hours

            COM 1143     Fundamentals of Speech Communication

            ENG 1113       Composition and Rhetoric I

            ENG 1123       Composition and Rhetoric II

            3 hours from the following:

                        ENG 2233       American Literature I

                        ENG 2243       American Literature II

                        ENG 2273       Introduction to Literature

            GES 1122        Strategies for Student Success

Social/Behavioral Sciences:  9 hours

            GOV 2213      National and State Government

            HIS 1113         American History I

            PSY 1153        Introduction to Psychology

Natural Science/Mathematics:  6 hours

            3 hours from the following:

                        BIO 1113        Biological Sciences

                        PHY 1113       Physical Science

            3 hours from the following:

                        MTH 1113     College Mathematics

                        MTH 1123     College Algebra

Physical Education:  4 hours

            PED 2232       Wellness and Lifestyle

            2 hours from activity courses without duplication: PED 1101-2291

General Biblical Studies:  18 hours

            BIB 1223        The Church in Ministry and Mission

            BIB 2213        Bible Study

            REL 1133        Authentic Christianity

            REL 1173        Introduction to Biblical Literature

            THE 2113       Introduction to Theology and Apologetics

            THE 2333       Pentecostal Doctrine and History


Human Service Specialization:

Criminal Justice:  33 hours

            Lower Level Specialization Studies:

                        CJU 1113        Introduction to Criminal Justice

                        CJU 2113        Analysis of Police Operations

            Upper Level Specialization Studies:

                        CJU 3113        Constitutional Law  -OR-

                        CJU 3153        Criminal Justice, Psychology and the Law

                        CJU 3123        Theories of Criminology

                        CJU 3133        Delinquent Behavior and Rehabilitation

                        CJU 3143        Criminal Justice Administration

                        CJU 4113        Correctional Psychology

                        CJU 4123        Advanced Penology

                        CJU 4133        Security Management

                        CJU 4583        Field Practicum in Criminal Justice

                        PSY 3313        Abnormal Psychology*

*Require Pre-Requisites





(A minimum of 30 hours must be upper level.)


Note: Human Services majors should seek the program coordinator who represents their specialization for curriculum and career guidance as needed.


Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  1. Discuss the basic foundations, concepts and theories of counseling, psychology, social work or criminal justice.

  2. Apply knowledge of human service variables that affect individual, family and group behavior, and use theoretical frameworks from specific specializations to understand interactions.

  3. Be prepared for future service in areas of specializations.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to establish rapport with clients from diverse backgrounds.

  5. Demonstrate professional behavior.

  6. Explain a biblically-based integrated model of human services with a specialization.

  7. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the core subjects in the area of Bible and Church Ministry.

  8. Demonstrate the use of biblical values and ethics in the various service settings.

Additional Program Stipulations

  1. All full-time students are to include one General Biblical Studies course each semester until degree requirements have been satisfied.

  2. First-year students enrolled full-time are to include GES 1122 in their first semester schedule.

  3. First-year students are to enroll in activity physical education courses each of their first two semesters at SAGU. Exceptions will be granted only with approval of the College Dean.

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