Masters of Business Administration (MBA)






The purpose of the MBA is to prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in a diverse, global business environment in which “intraprenuerial” cultures must be the norm and organizational complexity is a way of life. SAGU Business faculty and staff members work closely with students to equip them with business knowledge, highest level of critical thinking/decision making skills, and social connectedness aptitude that are essential strengths for future employment and leadership opportunities.


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program:

  1. Students will analyze business situations and make ethical management decisions regarding evaluation, selection, and implementation of various alternatives.

  2. Students will evaluate business decisions utilizing ethical principles, personal and organization values, and socially responsible management practices, utilizing a Christian worldview.

  3. Students evaluate global aspects of business and develop the skills necessary to take advantage of international opportunities.

  4. Students will demonstrate advanced oral and written communication skills.

  5. Students will illustrate mastery of concepts, terminology, and approaches in the major areas of management and related decision-making technologies.


Program Entrance Requirements

The following prerequisites must be met for admittance into the Masters of Business Administration curriculum:

1.       The student must hold a regionally or professionally accredited undergraduate degree            in Business, Accounting, Marketing, or a related area.

2.       Students not having met the aforementioned requirement must successfully complete            twelve hours of undergraduate courses in Business from the following:

                      ACC 2213      Principles of Financial Accounting

                      BUS 1123       Survey of Economics

                      BUS 2253       Business Law I

                      BUS 3413       Statistics

                      MGT 2313      Principles of Management

                      MKT 2323      Principles of Marketing



        BUS 5110       Graduate Strategies for Success Seminar*

        BUS 5153       Business Ethics

        BUS 5173       Organizational Strategy

        BUS 5193       Advanced Marketing Strategies

        BUS 5243       Operations Management

        BUS 5253       Global Teams and Leadership

        BUS 5263       Global Business Finance and Economics

        BUS 5273       Information Systems for Managers

        BUS 5283       Strategic Business Leadership

        BUS 5293       Managerial Decision Making

        BUS 5313       Organizational Behavior

        BUS 5323       Statistics and Analytics for Business Professionals

        BUS 6973       Capstone (final course of the program)


*Taken during the Graduate New Student Orientation    




Course Rotation


The courses for the MBA degree are on a strict rotation. Students must follow the rotation schedule. No course substitutions or deviations are permitted.


Graduation Requirement


All students must apply for graduation with the Registrar’s Office. Application for graduation must be made by the end of late registration in the semester in which the student anticipates to graduate. In order to qualify for a specific graduation date, graduating students must have all program and course requirements completed. Contact the Graduate School office and Registrar’s office for more information.

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